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Biology 101 DVD's

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We started using this this year and my dd LOVES it. She was dead set against biology of any kind, having seen the big Apologia text on the shelf. But, when I started these videos and brought out the suggested books, she LOVES it. When she turns 16, I plan to have her take biology with labs at the CC, but this is giving her a great introduction and foundation for now.

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We were able to get all our labs out of the way at the beginning of the school year in a 9 hr/day, 2 day class. They did dissections and everything. We are supposed to do lab reports throughout the year when we get to the experiments. I'll have to figure out how to do that with this program. The teacher assumed we'd be using something like Apologia and based the labs on that. Still, it is so nice to get them done at the beginning!

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