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Prayers, please... for friend at hospital tonight

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My best friend lives in Texas, and like many people there, was recently diagnosed with West Nile virus. She's had some other health issues over the past few months, and the doctors told her if she got worse or had any complications (telling her what those were) that she needed to get to the ER.


She called me tonight and told me that she was feeling absolutely terrible, was in so much pain she hadn't slept last night, and having some other symptoms. I told her she needed to go, NOW. She was on her way around 7:00, which was four hours ago. I haven't heard from her and can't reach her.


Trying not to stress as I know hospitals take forever.... I just know how serious this is and that it has turned out very badly for many people.


Would you please pray for "K" for health and rest, and that the doctors will know what needs to be done for her? I'm really worried about her, and I'm 1000 miles away and can't do anything *but* pray right now. Thanks.

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