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Teaching a child to knit


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I am teaching my dd to knit this weekend. She's 9, and I am looking for some easy/free patterns online for projects she can work on. I am having a hard time finding anything for some reason.


Does anyone have any good links for projects your kids made :D????



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For a beginning knitter, I have always started them on scarves. A lot of repetition, and very little complexity. Plus by the time the scarf is done, they have mastered knitting and/or purling!


Also, you should go to Ravelry.com - it is really neat!


You have to register as a member, but then it provides all kinds of techniques to search for patterns. You can search by project type (scarf, stuffed toy, etc), type of yarn (worsted weight, sport weight, etc.), whether the pattern is free, and a variety of other aspects.


There are pictures of most projects, too! It might be fun for you to narrow the search a bit, and then let your daughter pick out a fun project.


When she gets more proficient, look for some Jean Greenhowe books -- they are patterns for making really cute toys!

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At first, you do really need a small project where you just endlessly knit. If a scarf is too much of the same, then you can try "doll blankets" - this is a great project to practice because size doesn't really matter, and you can do fancy stitches or just do it plain. Just cast on some stitches and knit them, then turn and knit, continue until it's a nice length, then cast off. A "doll scarf" is another good project; again fit and length and such isn't an issue, and you'll get to practice the stitches. Try garter stitch (knit all, turn, knit all), or do a knit-purl combo if you've mastered the knit stitch.

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