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I just realized its FRIDAY today! LOL...man, I so thought today was SATURDAY! Sweet...me and DD are planning on going now! LOL...What a goober I am!


Ian Somerhalder is in Lafayette today ...and I'm only 40 min away :svengo:, but DD just told me 5 min ago after getting the paper late this morning, :glare: LOL :tongue_smilie:...We have five dogs and that would have been a lot of fun, but here I sit instead looking up color swatches for my bathroom and then heading off to Home Depot to buy supplies...

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No, lol. It's a big fundraiser going on for a dog rescue and helping to promote his animal rescue. It would have been fun to go to with our dogs...the back of our truck would have been filled to capacity with crates, lol...a great dane, german shepherd, pitt mix, fiest, and a loud beagle, lol...


Oh wait! I just realized...today is Friday! lol, I thought it was Saturday!

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Hey, he's not there today, he's there on Saturday. You can still go!


You posted as I was thinking that I'd got the days mixed up yet again! LOL. See what happens when I don't have some sort of extracurricular activity planned outside the house everyday! :tongue_smilie: I went to my dd's room and asked "what's today?" she said looking at me like a nut, "Friday" and I said, "HA!, We can still go, it's on Saturday morning!" I'm losing my mind!

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