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  1. My 6 year old can't sit still for long either. My best suggestion: don't make him ;) Let him have small breaks frequently, keep some snacks onhand, an abacus or stress ball to keep his little hands busy while you are reading.
  2. My boys rented MIB2 so they are watching it. I am laid up in bed with a stomach virus, and dh is on his laptop. i think me and the hubs are fixing to watch a movie.
  3. Mine love oral as opposed to writing also! Or theyblike doing work on the whiteboard. I think your plan sounds great :)
  4. We did not like saxon. We went the total oppisite: life of fred.
  5. I use Life of Fred exclusively right now *hides* and all 3 of my boys say it is thier favorite subject. I add some problems here and there if they need more practice.
  6. We LOVE Total Language Plus! It is all in one and I will do it all the way thru high school. It is set up by weekly units with a-e days. Read all about it here: http://site.totallanguageplus.com/
  7. Have you asked the boys? I know they are too young to make that choice but I am interested in hearing what they think.
  8. We do 2 chapters in life of fred 5 days a week, then about 3 lessons in horizons per week. My first grader BEGS for math lol
  9. We use life of fred mostly and horizons
  10. I am not in a state where we need to count days. We learn everyday, everywhere. It is a lifestyle for us. My kids are still you and LOVE learning. They ask a million questions just driving down the highway lol.
  11. What part of Texas are you in? DFW here :) I have to say I am loving our "winter" weather lol! Capris and tank tops!
  12. I agree with everyone else. Pull her out and deschool for the next month or so. Start formal work after the beginning of the year. :) Happy holidays!
  13. We are working thru the holidays for the most part. We might take a total of a week off. I am having surgery in Febuary so we will have 2-3 weeks of then.
  14. I wouldn't be concerned until about 7. All of my kids learned years before that but I don't pressure perfection in writing still for the younger 2 (6 & 4) I am *very* relaxed when it comes to ages and stages though :D
  15. We do school 4 days a week. Math: 4 days Spelling: 4 days - 2 worksheets and then one day of spellingcity, then test. Reading: 4 days LA: 2 days SOTW: 2 days Science: 2 days
  16. Is it sad that I have no clue what week we are on? lol! However, this week was good. Slower than usual because my middlle man got his cast off and its uncomfortable for him (Dr. said this is normal?? I have never heard of it) We also did a few playdates this week and just had a slow week of mostly reviews.
  17. We just take a couple days off if I start feeling discouraged :) We are going to work thru Christmas break (although not on actual Christmas Eve or Day) because I am having surgery in February and we will need 2 weeks off. :)
  18. We are switching oldest from Saxon to LoF. Middle man just moved up to second grade LA.
  19. I am starting Lof with my 9 1/2 year old with Honey. We have been using Saxon (ugh!) and are switching Monday!
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