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How similar ~ compatible are TTC and WEM?

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I have both. Honestly, I use WEM now. But, it took watching the TTC videos for me to understand how to have a "discussion" with my boys. But, they are younger than yours. Yours might be willing to sit down with their own copy of WEM and read along with you as you all answer the questions & discuss the reasons for your answers.


(I really like WEM better because you ask the same questions for each genre. If it doesn't apply, you skip it. TtC forces you to pre-choose your questions, so they're almost leading questions; and I have a hard time figuring out which question would be best until *after* I've gone through the WEM questions.)




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They are very similar, except as the previous poster said WEM has the same questions for each genre. I tried WEM first with my son ,and he just wasn't getting it. Then we did Teaching The Classics, and a light bulb went off.So I guess I would ask how much discussion have you done previously, how well does your child understand theme, conflict,etc. have you done socratic discussions before. If he and you are not familiar with these, I think Teaching the Classics will give you a good solid backing. If you have had socratic discussions in which your student was able to understand some of the themes, WEM will be enough.

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