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  1. Coming Soon!We are pleased to announce a Thinkwell GroupBuy Sale from 8/22 to 8/31 to save up to 45%! Click here for more info about Thinkwell. Click "Remind Me" (below) if you would like to be reminded when these GroupBuy savings start: Remind Me We appreciate you at the Co-op!
  2. Civil Air Patrol - my son has been in for 5 years now. Leadership, leadership, leadership!! T
  3. Done! Unless and until my mother passes away I will have no contact with my brother. :cursing:
  4. Not with son #1, but all the time with #2! You earn my trust in many ways, blow it and lose your freedom. Oh, no porn issues though. T
  5. Just found the pinned links and went through them. Thank you. T
  6. mainly core subjects - math, English, science, maybe history. T
  7. Looking for options for high school. I have checked out the following: Landry Abeka Christian Liberty Press K12 Seaton Alpha Omega Veritas Bridgeway Connections Academy Kolby Northstar Potters School Sevenstar Any other options you can think of? T
  8. I need help!! Dental insurance doesn't touch braces!! My son needs them desperately. Any ideas? Checking dental school, but they still are around $5,000 or so.
  9. Still married to mine and the house is rotting and falling a part!! I am telling my children - nothing but "turn key" even if small.
  10. Oh, yes - we ROLL TIDE here in this house!!! We have one Oregon Duck fan (my oldest son) who could care less about the game tonight, but the rest of us are ready to cheer "GO BAMMA, GO BAMMA."
  11. Hockey skates - they don't have the "toe ridges" at the top of the blades. All of mine, well 6 of 7, all preferred hockey skates-including the girls when learning to skate (child #7 isn't ready for ice skating yet).
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