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  1. Coming Soon!We are pleased to announce a Thinkwell GroupBuy Sale from 8/22 to 8/31 to save up to 45%! Click here for more info about Thinkwell. Click "Remind Me" (below) if you would like to be reminded when these GroupBuy savings start: Remind Me We appreciate you at the Co-op!
  2. Civil Air Patrol - my son has been in for 5 years now. Leadership, leadership, leadership!! T
  3. Done! Unless and until my mother passes away I will have no contact with my brother. :cursing:
  4. Not with son #1, but all the time with #2! You earn my trust in many ways, blow it and lose your freedom. Oh, no porn issues though. T
  5. Just found the pinned links and went through them. Thank you. T
  6. mainly core subjects - math, English, science, maybe history. T
  7. Looking for options for high school. I have checked out the following: Landry Abeka Christian Liberty Press K12 Seaton Alpha Omega Veritas Bridgeway Connections Academy Kolby Northstar Potters School Sevenstar Any other options you can think of? T
  8. I need help!! Dental insurance doesn't touch braces!! My son needs them desperately. Any ideas? Checking dental school, but they still are around $5,000 or so.
  9. Still married to mine and the house is rotting and falling a part!! I am telling my children - nothing but "turn key" even if small.
  10. Oh, yes - we ROLL TIDE here in this house!!! We have one Oregon Duck fan (my oldest son) who could care less about the game tonight, but the rest of us are ready to cheer "GO BAMMA, GO BAMMA."
  11. Hockey skates - they don't have the "toe ridges" at the top of the blades. All of mine, well 6 of 7, all preferred hockey skates-including the girls when learning to skate (child #7 isn't ready for ice skating yet).
  12. With that said, we have never had a Christmas tree to decorate in our 24 years of marriage - to expensive for me. We decorate with other items (Nativity scene, wreath, etc.). When younger, I too remember times when a free tree top was all we had to decorate growing up.
  13. What about sports photography? Any good books you can recommend? Websites? Boards? T
  14. Around here, other than math, there doesn't seem to be textbooks given out. In talking with other students in different grades, it is either handouts done in class or lecture type teaching. I have found that the current AP level is more like what our old PS system was like when I was in school. Last year our neighbor boy, who is like my adopted son, came over and was very excited that he had finished Geometry and was moving on to Pre-Calc. I said, it was only half way through the year and he told me that he did math 5 days a week instead of 3 - allowing him to finish Geometry in one semester.
  15. We have a Labordoodle - she is wonderful!!! I was NEVER a person who liked dogs in general until my daughter became a "host home" for a friend of ours. Now that has changed - my 50th birthday wish list included "my very own doodle"!! Her temperament is mellow, doesn't shed, very faithful, protective, friendly . . . . . . .
  16. I started at 38 like that - doctor thought I was too young but he was wrong.
  17. Be a fixer upper Have tile counters Have carpet Have no ac or heat Have clay in the dirt outside Be in the center of a development (our house was the original house on the property before previous owners subdivided the area around the house - sort of like living in a fishbowl)
  18. How does one define physical stress? My daughter was diagnosed a few years ago with Hoshimoto and food intolerance. She has been feeling sick/unhealthy since then. It got worse last year then found out she had deficiencies in C, D, B, iron, folate, etc. The thyroid med she had been on turned out to have traces of gluten in it. Iron levels are somewhat stable and so are thyroid numbers. During all of this she started exhibiting episodes of involuntary muscle movement. EEG and MRI are normal. She shows no outward signs of being stressed but wondering now about physical stress? She has also battled sleep issues since all of this started. Ugh - need to help her figure things out.
  19. My son 11 at the time when he was diagnosed. We are just about to begin classes in helping him deal with his diabetes. He was doing well the first year, but going through puberty is throwing a wrench into his stability. He went on a pump last October which stabilized him a lot. Before, he was sensitive to the Lantos which caused a lot of problems for him. I have heard there are books out there for younger children, but he never showed interest in reading anything. As for an app, we looked into options, but never found anything. We considered a camp this summer, but decided to hold off another year until we get the issues we are dealing with worked through. He does still do sports and everything else. We have been truly blessed by our doctors and support. T
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