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Can you recommend a Private School Satellite? I have a friend who wants to go that route and I didn't know of any to tell her. Thanks!

It would be helpful if we knew which state your friend lives in, because that makes a big difference in what we might recommend. :)

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Sorry, lol. We live in California.

Oh, and I'm sorry, too, because it would be helpful if we knew what part of the state you're in. Your friend can enroll in a PSP that's anywhere in the state, but she might appreciate it if it were close in proximity to her.


At any rate, I can recommend EIE Academy. The owners, who are long-time homeschoolers and leaders in the hs community, don't require testing or meetings or any of the other kinds of things that many PSPs require which the law does not, and if your friend lives close enough (Los Angeles Academy), she can participate in many great activities.


In the SF Bay area, I would recommend Plantation Christian School. You can e-mail the owner at PlantationCS@aol.com.


Again, she can live anywhere in the state and enroll in the school, if the owners are willing (I'm pretty sure both of these would be).

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