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Can I daydream about shopping with you guys?

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Sigh. I'd like a new wardrobe.

I like the whole maxi skirt/ maxi dress thing but I'm afraid that just isn't realistic for me. Everyone I see in them (online, so I know it's not particularly realistic :tongue_smilie: ) has a much smaller waist than me.

What kind of skirts look good on someone who's kind of straight up and down (looking from the front - no real waistline to speak of) who gains weight in the stomach area the worst? A lot of skirts, I put them on and they just look too big for my hips. But if I try to get a smaller one, it pinches in on the belly and makes me look like I have a muffin top. :ack2:

I feel like this is more realistic, and I like this sort of thing. I just never seem to be able to find stuff that is this cute that is cheap enough for me to buy! :D

What are your thoughts on skinny jeans? I have skinny jeans and I have regular (straight/bootcut maybe? I don't remember) jeans. That's the only two pairs of pants I own that fit, aside from a pair of wide leg brown trousers. :(

I looked online and it said that 'for my body shape' I should wear things with structure. :ack2: I HATE what comes to mind with that - button up shirts (which never fit me well IMO, not to mention they aren't comfy), structured jackets (cute on other people but I'm REALLY hot natured and I think I'd DIE if I had to wear a jacket when it's more than 40 outside! And even then you wouldn't catch me dead in one inside!), etc. I like things that are soft, and comfy, but flattering at the same time. Do those things exist?


On another note, I'm SO ready for my hair to grow out. :glare: Right now it's gotten to about 3-4 inches below my ears at it's longest, but it's super layered so some of the layers are still just at the bottom of my ear (top layers). I don't like the cut much but I don't really want to try to trim it up into something I DO like because I just want it to grow. The layers at the bottom are VERY annoying because they want to do nothing but flip out and I don't have a good straightener (the only ones that seem to be capable of straightening hair the way they need to are like, $100 - not gonna happen here!) to try to control it. It's frustrating. I'll be SO happy when my hair finally gets to this length.

I also can't decide what to do about the bangs. I let them grow out and now they're about to my jawline, which is nice because I can tuck them behind my ears if necessary (though I usually don't). I kind of like myself with bangs better, BUT they are a PITB because of my glasses (glasses make them flip out REALLY bad at the length I like them - eyebrow or a little longer). In order to have bangs that my glasses don't interfere with, I either need to keep them where they are or a little shorter, OR they need to be uber short, which I don't think is very flattering.


Anyway, fashion frustrates me sometimes. Well, not even fashion, so much - I just want to look and feel pretty. :)

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...and... I hear the crickets. ;)


Well, I have nothing for you because I am really in the same boat right now. I am 36 years old and have never been particularly trendy, but have always dressed okay. I looked at myself in the mirror the other day and realized that I look frumpy. Oh my goodness...I am a frumpy, middle aged mom! Not sure when that happened!


I have gained weight and I really don't know what type of clothes suit me any more. I shop too much at Kohl's (because of the prices) and I hate to spend too much money on clothes for myself.


I am actually going out of town next weekend with my dh and friends for a football weekend to our alma mater. When the plans were being made, my first thought was "What will I wear?????" The stress of clothes (lack of) weighs on me lately.


Anyway, I guess I wanted to bump this for you and to tell you that I SO agree that it would be great to have a Hive shopping party.


(And I loved all the pics in your post :001_smile:)

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