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Sleepwalking and Benedryl is a bad idea

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My dd often sleepwalks...usually around the house, sometimes to our room. She almost always goes bathroom while on these walks and goes to bed no problem.


We have been suffering from allergies and she took benedryl last night. I thought she would sleep through the night.


I woke up to a noise in the hallway. I asked dh what it was. About the time the light bulb went off in my head it did dh's too. :D


Dd went to the bathroom, took her underwear off, walked to the hallway, squatted and proceeded to pee up against the wall/baseboard. Next to an electrical outlet :lol::001_huh::tongue_smilie:


Dh was extremely upset, going on about smell. Dd finally woke up to the noise of dh's complaining and was crying poor girl. I however, rolling with this parenting thing, fell into a fit of laughter. I couldn't stop laughing. It was funny. And next time I hear that noise I am pretty sure we will get out of bed faster to prevent it :lol::lol::lol: It's still funny. But dh is right, it smells and I have to pull the carpet up to be able to clean it properly. But it's funny :tongue_smilie:


Dd thought it was a dream......But it leaves the question...has she peed anywhere else in the house?

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