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Ds's room is tantrum-proof...

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Yesterday we made gf chocolate chip cookies. He bailed on me 5 minutes in, but i had him pick out the cookie cutters first. He made a heart for dd. He enjoyed eating them.


His room is fairly empty; no buckets of lego, lincoln logs, or train tracks to deal with after a meltdown. He has a long massage mat and an ipod with huge headphones and he has retreated quite often. I am going to keep his room empty despite begging requests otherwise.


Today i'm calling an electronic education day. First up is Pirates of the Caribbean. No clue how this is educational, but let's pretend. We also have March of the Penguins, an evolution dvd, signing time, leap frog, and baby einstein that he loves.


If i can get the last bits of the house done, the whole house will be tantrum resistant (sp?) and that will decrease my stress. Right now, there are too many things that he can knock over and i've been jumping to prevent a MESS instead of comforting my CHILD.


We ran into a few people that know ds fairly well while at the store yesterday, and each of them asked me what was wrong with him. He looks like he's on something, and even when not in a rage, just seems very off.


We're just going to take it easy until he comes off of whatever is causing this, or i find the trigger. Today is day 2 with no food coloring; pediasure went to a friend.

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For children who react to food coloring, it usually takes about four days to leave their system, and there might be a behavioral flare-up on the third day (I guess this is sort of a withdrawal reaction). But it sounds like you're prepared for that possibility. :)

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