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Chicago teachers to strike Monday

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The head of my son's math circle is on strike because of the standardized testing policies.


He has philosophy and math degrees from Harvard, a law degree from U of Chicago and volunteers a lot of his time on weekends and during summer to help kids who need challenging math as well as those who need remedial help. He could easily work in other fields, but I'd hate to see an excellent teacher like him leave. If anything, we need more of his kind.


When considering how much a teacher should make in Chicago, you have to consider how much it costs to live in a relatively safe area with reasonable commutes. Housing can be expensive, taxes are high. Personally, I don't think $70K is too much for an experienced teacher.


This could be a perennial problem because of decisions made by the former mayor and the siphoning of money from the teachers' pension fund.


I do hope they'll settle soon, though.

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