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What books to buy for SOTW1


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We will soon be starting SOTW ancients and as our library system is terrible I will be having to purchase any useful books. I am after suggestions for people's favorite books for this period, especially for books used in 3 or more weeks.

My daughter will be turning 6 during this school year


On my list to buy so far:

Usborne encyclopedia

Ancient Egyptians and their neighbors


Already have:

Ancient history pockets.


PS, is there a website with a list of the most useful books for SOTW ancients???

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We love, love, love the Good Times Travel Agency books, there is one for Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt, & Ancient China. There's also Middle Ages and Vikings (SOTW2) and Ice Age (prehistory, not in SOTW).


Archaeologists Dig for Clues, the You Wouldn't Want to be...series, D'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths (or audio version), Usborne Greek Myths for Young Children. We love the Usborne Beginners series, there is one for Romans, Egyptians, Greeks. For a 6yo, Temple Cat, Tutankhamen's Gift, Bill & Pete Go Down the Nile. Detectives in Togas for a read-aloud. There are several Magic Tree House books that line up with ancient times- Day of the Dragon King, Hour of the Olympics, Mummies in the Morning.


There's a new Usborne See Inside the Ancient World book coming out soon. We love this series, it's got flaps to lift with heaps of information.


If you are Christian, Old Testament Days, and the Tabernacle Model & Solomon's Temple Model (both by Tim Dowley) are good.


Also, you didn't mention if you are using it but I'd highly recommend getting the SOTW AG.



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This is kind of hard, because besides encyclopedias a lot of the books for that age are picture books or short chapter books you're only "scheduled" to use once. If you search this site, you should find various threads in which people discuss their/their kids' favorites, but if you end up reading them many times it will be just because you like them, not because they're required. That makes deciding what to buy kind of hard!


For what it's worth, my 6yo girl's favorites (books we read over and over) have been:

Our Family Tree: An Evolution Story

The First Dog, by Jan Brett

Mammoths on the Move, by Lisa Wheeler (this has a lot of information and great vocabulary in spite of being a short picture book)

Lugalbanda, by Kathy Henderson

Temple Cat (this may be too simple, though)

(she liked Bill and Pete Go Down the Nile a couple of years ago, but I didn't feel like there was much actual information in it)

Miranda the Great

The Roman Twins

Detectives in Togas

The Usborne Time Traveler series (4 stories in 1 volume covering the SOTW 1-2 periods)

A lot of people love the Rosemary Sutcliff Black Ships Before Troy series, and I can see why, but my daughter is too tender-hearted for it right now.

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