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Gap in American history...go back or no?

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I sadly have to admit that we slacked a bit this summer and did not go beyond the civil war. Now we are starting VP self paced and it starts with the Monroe Doctrine. My question is do I go back and hit what we missed with my 7th grader or just keep going and know that she will get it in HS. Suggestions?

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Sounds like there is no gap at all, but actually just a little overlap -- the Civil War was 1861-1865; the Monroe Doctrine was passed in 1823. So it sounds like the VP will start you up just a little earlier than when you previously left off at the Civil War...


UNLESS, the VP is starting with LATER EFFECTS of the Monroe Doctrine (1880-90s: using it as justification for U.S. involvement in S. America; 1904: Teddy Roosevelt's Corollary justifing U.S. intervention in S. American politics; 1980s controversy of Iran-Contra scandal of U.S. involvement in Nicaragua).


If that is the case, then I think it would be a good idea to hit the key events of the Civil War and Reconstruction; many of those events set the stage for the Civil Rights movement decades later. It shouldn't be too hard to take a week or so to get the highlights...


BEST of luck! Warmly, Lori D.

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