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Visual Learner Ideas


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I recommend lots of documentaries for science and history, as well as lots of hands-on experiments & activities for science. DS is a very visual learner and he remembers about 10% of what he reads and 90% of what he sees & does. He will bring up things he saw in a documentary years ago, and he remembers every little detail — it really boggles my mind sometimes! As he's gotten older, we've added in lots of Teaching Company/Great Courses lectures — the combination of visual & auditory input means he retains far more than he would if he read a textbook.



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Notebooking and Lapbooking are also great things to do.


I use notebooking a lot for math. When we get to a new concept, I create a colorful page that explains it with pictures, examples, etc. (Pinterest is also great for finding ideas for this--math especially but also science, history and language arts topics.)


I really like the Ruth Heller grammar picture books for teaching the parts of speech and then we make notebook pages that define, illustrate and use that part of speech.


Lapbooking for history and science is one of the best ways to make it come alive. If you use Apologia science they do have lapbooks or you can use the journal and it has all sorts of neat ideas and things to do that makes things more real and easy to remember. Timelines are also great for history.


Youtube has lots of helpful stuff for math, history and science. DVDs from the library and shows on TV about science and history can really help them get into and remember about topics.


Good luck with your visual learner. :001_smile:

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I second the lapbooking and notebooking, my visual learner loves them.

Use lots of math manipulatives and make sure you do some questions with your child so they can see how you do them.

Do experiments first and then read about afterwards.

Even though you have a visual learner, you don't want to completely ignore auditory skills such as dictation and narration. My ds started not knowing how to listen and summarize and can now do pages at a time.

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