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if you track your child's attitude...

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my son is 2e so i am posting here, but i am not sure it is really a 2e "issues" this may be just a 6yo male issue :)


in this thread of mine -- http://forums.welltrainedmind.com/showthread.php?t=422574 -- abbeyej gave me a great idea -- for tacking my DS1's "cheerful" work as well as the work he gets done. to help him learn to do his work cheerfully. we are having a lot of whineying and a lot "why"a nd "I don't wanna"


I THINK I have it drafted up the way i want it -- a chart showing his work for the week and a box for DONE and a box for CHEERFUL.


But the other moms around here always have such great ideas -- i wondered if any of you had BTDT and could share with me how you have tracked, and challenged to improve, your kids attitude about school and in getting school done.


also did you just do school -- or did you do your whole day -- together or apart?



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"Try again please."


"I wonder what you might could ask for." as in "It's not fair; they get to____." vs. "I see brother is playing can you show me what I have to get done before I can play." or "I can't do this." vs. "Would you do one (sample) next to me?" This takes years of practice. If they're trying, I'll help them problem solve.



We usually use some hand signal the child chooses. When words come out in the wrong tone, I use the handsign and wait.



At about age 7, one ds also hit the "derail and delay at all costs" mentality. I was working harder at avoiding being drug into his battles than the instructing. This required a different tactic. 3strikes= your out, timeout. It's now someone or something else's turn. You may wait in the _______, I'll get back with you in 20 minutes or I'll call you for lunch."



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I track my DS12's attitude in my daily log book. I give him a smilie face if he did good and I'll give him two if he did extra good. The smilies are worth one star each for his prize box. He rarely gives me any attitude because he loves the prize box.

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I always wanted to track attitude along with diet - looking for causes.


i think my middle son had a behavior chart at school once which had the teacher, every 15 minutes, mark green, yellow or red to indicate how good his behavior was during that time period.


Oh, and dh always reminds me that our youngest is much worse around thunder storms - i finally found out they give him headaches, but instead of saying he's in pain he just ACTS like a pain!

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