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Britax "4 pt" Booster.... Here's a Booster I wish I could have purchased ;)

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Not sure if I'll get it now, but at only about $90. this is a great deal!! It's (almost) a 4pt harness and seems much safer than any others I've seen. (The difference, from what I can tell is that the belts don't criss cross over the child, but rather just the seatbelt...)


BTW, it seems like some other seats might be able to be converted (Britax seats) but not sure. Perhaps someone can comment...


Britax Booster

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Ok... It's "almost" a 4 pt
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I had this for my older boys when they were in boosters and we all loved it. I think it's the best booster around...but, that has been some time ago and i'm certain there are lots of 'better' boosters than there were at that time. But, I still would highly recommend this one. It was great when they would fall asleep. It supported their head.


You wont be disappointed. :)

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That is just a high back booster seat, the one I used for DS until he was 9. And no, you can't convert one type of carseat to another unless that is already an option. (and yes, you linked the one I was referring to) Some seats out there CAN go from booster to harness (like this one), and vice versa, but this one cannot.


No, I meant that it looked like one of their other seats can be converted into this booster. I don't think it looks like "any other booster." The problem with boosters is 1.) The child can slide under the lap belt, and 2.) If the head isn't supported.


This one has side impact safety, too.

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