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Fun care packages

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I'd pick out things the kids associate with DH. So...a flashlight, some home made brownies, and some string or glue. Oh, maybe some gorilla tape because they joke around about having gorilla tape on hand, but you don't ever use it, because you might need it for something really important.

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glow sticks - I don't know why those just sound fun, one for each child, so their "light" will be with him.


Brownies, agreed, food. beef jerky,


Wool socks

handprint pictures for his fridge.


I sent hugs in the mail a few times. You trace the kids hands individually, one for left hand one for right, on a piece of paper. Then write the instructions that you pick up the hand pictures and put the one in your right hand on your left shoulder and the one in your left hand on your right shoulder, so your hands are crossed. So you have a hug.

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