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Best way to get from Atlantic City to NYC?

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We'll be going on vacation next spring and wanted to visit NYC. It works out we could have a free place to stay in Atlantic City and we don't want to pass that up.


What's the best way to get between the two? Would it be crazy to travel more than one day back and forth, or should we just try to find and pay for a place in NY? Thanks!


If it matters, our back and forth days would be a Monday and Tuesday.


ETA: Also, what is there for a family to do/see in Atlantic City?

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If you drive, plan on a trip of about 3 1/2 hours each way, depending upon the time of day.


There is no direct rail path of which I am aware. You would have to take NJ Transit to Philadelphia, change train to Trenton, change train to NYC. Long day!


There are buses, if you would be interested in that.


As far as what to do with a family in AC, the beaches are free. The boardwalk is a nice walk, but there are not rides, etc. as there are in Ocean City for the kids. There is a lot of shopping, and there is one casino that has an indoor amusement area. It is not a town to walk around sightseeing. Lots of crime.

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I live in NJ, although I've never been to Atlantic City, but have been near there. It is a long way to NYC. You would go on the Garden State Parkway, then the NJ Turnpike (I95) and then the Holland Tunnel to NYC. I looked at Google Maps and it says a bit over two hours -- personally I think that is optimistic.


NYC suburban traffic can be bad, as can traffic into NYC. I would NOT use AC as a base for NYC (unless it was for one day). You do know that AC has legalized gambling, lots of casinos, a boardwalk, and some high poverty areas, don't you? You might want to look at nearby NYC suburbs for a place to stay. Make sure you factor the cost of parking into your decision.

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