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Mail delivery RANT

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I am so MAD!


I received some curriculum in the mail today that had some chemical spilled all over it. The smell is awful and it got the papers inside all wet with the chemical too. I am so MAD! I am taking it back to the post office tomorrow! It gave everyone in the house a headache within 5-10 minutes of bringing it inside.


I don't even know what kind of chemical was spilled on it..it could be toxic.




Money is tight right now and I feel like I just lost that money.


It was not the fault of the person that mailed it...just the post office.


sorry for the rant....just having a bad day.

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Just got back. The post office agreed to copy half of the pages. I am a little ticked off that they would not do the whole thing. They said it was too big and even though the whole thing smells like chemicals, you cannot tell by looking that that the first half is damaged. But they still smell awful. :glare:


At first they tried to say it was because they had someone ship fish and that is what caused the liquid...but it is not fish smell it is chemical. So half the papers where copied and the other half we have to take somewhere and copy ourself. Well...lesson learned...put papers in a ziploc type bag before putting in the envelope to ship.

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And just for reference regarding the amount of papers....It was a Sonlight Core 6 IG. :glare: And the post office made us do the coping and they did not have duplexer...so it is all onesided. We had to copy and flip and copy! Actually my Dh did it because the smell was still making me sick. I plan on calling someone but trying to find a phone number that works and that someone actually answers is not as easy as I thought it would be.... :glare:

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Ugh. Look for a customer care/ customer relations, something like that.

When we moved here, we had our mail held and then forwarded on after we got a PO box. The mail never arrived...and I had needed that pile of mail. AFter a month and MANY trips to the branch office, demanding to see the guy in charge..etc..I finally found a phone number for custermer service and called it. I had my mail delivered in 2 hours!

The woman I spoke with was shocked at my ability to find her phone number!

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I'd lose the oil on my wheels really fast and start squeaking. Loudly. As far up the chain of command as necessary.


They've admitted it wasn't your fault. In fact, it is clear to me that the true culprit is the person who inadequately packed whatever leaked. If that person can't be found (likely) then the post office should suck it up and provide you with a smell free copy of your book.


I don't suppose the package was insured, was it?


The curriculum should be replaced. Immediately.

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Isn't copying the book against the copyright? I would pitch a fit until the book was replaced.


Oh my, you've got something there. I would be "squeeking" until I got that whole blasted thing replaced. It was their fault! Insured or not...it is their responsibility to replace this item. I am so sick of people not doing their jobs correctly. Sick.of.it. People just don't care anymore. Go to the top as far as you can go until something is done about this. If it were me...I'd be heading to the dr. w/ complaints of dizziness, headaches, nausea, etc. and SUING the USPS for all they are worth!

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