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Calling Dr Hive: Chlorine Allergy

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I suspect I have a chlorine allergy.


We went to a vacation spot 2 years ago and I drank the water there and developed horrible migraines. We just came back from same vacation spot Tuesday. We brought all our own water and no migraines!! But I did go in the pool/water park this time. now I have a rash all over my whole body. itchy, splotchy, ugh.


i also showered there on both occasions.


Could it be that i have to ingest it or be swimming in the chlorine??? Could it be that this place uses an insane amount of chlorine??


Any help would be great.


Robin in NJ

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I have been allergic to chlorine ever since I was about 3 years old. I can't swim in most pools without developing a horrific itchy red rash, especially on the softer parts of my skin (inner thighs, under arms, belly...) It is usually worse in indoor pools, but any pool that smells strongly of chlorine will be worse. I don't know of any solution other than to avoid the water. Some pools have a lower chlorine concentration and don't bother me if I don't stay in too long--the longer I am in the water the worse the rash will be.

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There are (25 yd, college) pools that are sanitized with salt instead of chlorine. Unfortunately, this info is never on their website and you have to rely on word of mouth. The swimmers can tell by the taste.


Some commercial pools also use a UV system, which greatly reduces, but does not eliminate the need for chlorine.


Either would be an improvement for you.

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