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Trouble with Reading

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My daughter is 5 and a half and is really struggling with reading. She is very smart but reading is very tough for her. I've tried many curriculums (abc reading eggs, ClickN kids, Bob Books etc.) and nothing helps. With Bob Books she just memorizes every page so she never really learns to read. She has a great memory!


Any recommendations for programs that have worked for you? I really appreciate your help!



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*In general* with a 5.5 yo we would just say she's young, don't worry, blah blah. That's what I wanted to say. However in your sig you mention dyspraxia and some speech problems. Is her the dyspraxia affecting her speech as well? Just asking, because different countries and places call the praxis of speech different things (apraxia, dyspraxia). So there's an actual praxis of speech which is what my ds has.


Anyways, have you backed up and checked her phonemic awareness? http://phonologicalawareness.org/ Here's a website with all the skills in order. My ds has praxis of speech, and the therapist said she puts basically ALL the kids through Earobics. He can't hear rhyming at all at this point, doesn't distinguish certain sounds, etc. We're getting ready to start as soon as I jump through hoops and get it installed on my hard drive. So if your dd has any of that going on, then yes you'd have to back way up. Most curricula assume the rudiments are there.


After that, I would use something in the OG family.

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:iagree: with OhElizabeth.


With what you have in your sig you need to be looking at programs in the Orton-Gillingham family -- Barton, All About Reading. There are others but I'm blanking on the names of them.


Definitely check out phonemic awareness skills and you can get a lot of pre-reading/spelling skills developed that need to be developed. How does she do with nonsense words? I would work on those kind of words to make sure that she can apply the rules.


I would also suggest that given that your daughter is still on the young side that you really take your time through whatever program you choose to use. If they want lessons to run once per day but one lesson over several days works better trust your instincts. It is more important for her to get the skills than to move through the program.


A lot of language development can be done through picture discussion. Make sure that she can do good oral descriptions of a variety of pictures. Can she make stories about the pictures that are sequenced and make sense?


Hope this helps.

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