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Buying Furniture: Advice Please

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After 14 years of marriage, it's time to get some new furniture. Most of what we have is mismatched hand-me downs.


I'm starting with the living room. What are your favorite stores and resources for new furniture, particularly sofas? I'm hoping to combine a few really nice pieces mixed in with some more affordable items. While I like Pottery Barn, my experience from friends is that you do not get what you pay for.


I've noticed lots of August furniture sales...is this the traditional time of year for furniture sales?


Thanks for your advice and recommendations!

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It is hard to answer since I don't know what stores are in your area.


I have not been impressed with Lazy Boy and I have bought there twice.


I would stay away from Bob's entirely.


Pay attention to the grade of the fabric/leather. With kids I get the sturdier fabrics. I do not like leather. Microfiber is my absolute FAVORITE. Do NOT get bonded leather ig you want it to last.


Stick to name brands that have been around forever, have a good reputation and are sold in many stores. We bought a Broyhill sectional and LOVE it.

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Oh, i am wanting to live vicariously through you! My income was a big hit on us, and then dh had to take a big pay cut when he switched jobs. Our sofa is one I bought at a thrift store maybe 14 years ago, its a knock-off this-end-up crate-style. my ex shored up and refinished the woodwork, and when I moved after my divorce, i bought replacement cushions . . but thats still 10 years ago!


Someone on my facebook linked to a company which makes giant (3-person) bean bags, and also makes these sofas that you put together . . . like you buy 2 bases and 4 sides to make a love seat, or 3 bases and 5 sides to make a sofa, and you can take them apart and rearrange them . . . WANT!! but DH wont buy something he cant touch, wont buy used, and . . . really wont buy until i'm back in the work force. sigh.

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I don't have any great ideas for you, but you only have 2 kids so that cuts down on the wear and tear. I know that furniture takes a huge beating at my house. Any homeschool home gets a ton of wear and tear on the furniture. A few years ago I bought 2 beige couches for about 600 each with the thought that they may not last a long time. I scotchguarded the snot out of them. My kids still sit on the arms and roll or climb over the backs of them even though I scold. So far so good. Look around, read reviews. Sometimes more money is better but sometimes it isn't. My thought is that I would like them to last at least 5 years. I think I may get my money's worth. We shall see.

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