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I'm thinking of switching from BJU English to WWE II and either GWG or Easy Grammar.


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The kids enjoy the online lessons, but I'm just starting to wonder if the writing instruction will kill any desire they might have to ever write.:001_huh: There is just SO MUCH marking up their lessons with corrections of proofreading marks, inserts, rough drafts, revising etc... They haven't started the writing portion yet and have only been working on grammar instruction so far.


They have all done WWE I (DD in first grade and boys did it last year in 2nd). I'm thinking about getting WWE II and doing either GWG or Easy Grammar.:confused: They did enjoy the passages in WWE I.


Any input? I want something quick and easy to accomplish with very clear instruction.:)

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FWIW, I love teaching Writing and Grammar. I've owned (and still own) many programs that I take and tweak because I think each program has great attributes that can be used to teach English. However, I HATE BJU's program. I honestly cannot find anything good to say about it. I think you're on the right track, and I think you would do well to change.


BJU grammar is all over the place, there's no rhyme or reason to its sequence, and therefore no retention. The writing portion is dull, it's also all over the place, and I didn't see where the child really learns much from it. I think you're dead on, the child learns proofreading and that's it. We dumped BJU English around February last year and used Writing Tales for the last 3 months of school. We'll continue to use that this year along with FLL 3. I'm really excited about FLL 3. Have you looked into FLL for your kiddos? If your kids enjoyed WWE, that's what I'd recommend.





ETA My DD will be in 4th grade and I've placed her in FLL 3 because of how little she learned last year. She had already done FLL1 and 2 but was not ready for 3 last year, which was why we tried BJU 3. You might want to put your 4th grader in FLL 3 and your 2nd graders in FLL 1/2. Others encouraged me to use FLL 4, but when you look at the scope and sequence, there's so much covered in FLL 3 that BJU does not even touch on, I felt it was a bad idea. ~ Dorinda

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