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  1. Our local school district is requiring all students on campus to wear masks unless they have a verified medical excuse. North West Forida is currently a hot spot and 45% of families chose a learn at home option. Most of those choosing the local option that does not use Florida Virtual school. Our local district worked hard to transition to distance learning and apparently, many parents were pleased with the results.
  2. My son has grown about 6 inches since age 16. He went through puberty early, but had health issues (lyme). He's grown an inch this year at age 20. He would of been disappointed if he stopped growing at age 16 because he was only 5'4" .
  3. I've had similar issues with neuropathy mostly from the knees down which was caused by issues with my lower back. Just like you my main complaint was the neuropathy, not back pain. After taking xrays of my back, my gp referred me to a neurosurgeon. Where I live there is a shortage of neurologist leading to long waits and poorer service. However, I only had a short wait for an excellent neurosurgeon with a competent staff. They managed all my care including checking for other neurological issues, getting insurance approval, testing, and mri. If you gp thinks your issues may be caused by your back, perhaps you can see a neurosurgeon.
  4. It could be a scam with someone using a stolen credit card or phone to purchase items and have them delivered to your house. However, it could also just be a neighbor. In one "planned" neighborhood we lived in. They used the same name with a different ending for all the streets in a pod. They had xxx street, xxx lane, xxx court, and xxx drive. We lived on the court and frequently had packages delivered to other homes in the pod with the same house number. What a mess!
  5. My ds has struggled with math concepts. He just finished 10th grade and is at an approximately 8th grade level in math; otherwise, he is at or above grade level. To help him understand concepts, I've had to reteach in several different ways including using manipulatives. When he eventually gets a topic, it seems to stick, but he gets frustrated with the process and just wants me to just "show him how to do the problem" so that he can copy the steps without worrying about understanding or being able to repeat it the next day and be done. He thinks math is "not logical" and dislikes having to work at it. He seems to have no difficulties subtilizing numbers or with working memory, but seems to have difficulties with sequencing. It took him along time to learn time centered terms such as yesterday-tomorrow, future-past, and he will still occasionally miss use them. He will write algebra problems in an inconsistent way for example writing x3 instead of 3x, and using both the division sign and the fraction bar to indicate division (writing the division sign before a number and the fraction bar under the same number.) Inconstantly, he will be confused about the order of an operation and it's sign. For example, does 20 (division sign) 5, mean 20 divided by 5 or 5 divided by 20. Sometimes, this difficulty seems to make algebra look like a jumbled mess to him. Some days he will follow the order of the problem, while other days he gets confused on whether a negative sign right next to a number applies to that number or the number preceding it. He also gets angry when I try to correct him when he has written something incorrectly, saying "it doesn't matter." I think this is because, to him, the whole sequence is flexible and inconstant. I would like suggestions on resources to directly address his sequencing difficulties and suggestions on remedying his math struggles. He has never had an official evaluation, his dad's a psychologist, and I have tried to accommodated his instruction to meet his educational needs. He is college bound but will only need liberal arts majors type math which by then he should be prepared to do. He won't need accommodations on the ACT to attend the college of his choice. I would like my ds to understand the sequence and language of math with the hope that this will make it much more enjoyable and logical to him.
  6. NARHS (North Atlantic Regional High School) is now a candidate for MSA-CESS.
  7. You have a wonderful plan, and your ds is motivated to start. I think you'll be surprised how well it goes. As a former public school teacher I can confirm that many students do not learn to read without using a structured phonics approach. It wouldn't surprise me if your ds's struggles with reading turn out to be mostly an instruction problem. Your LOE plan should provide the instruction he needs, then if he still struggles you can reassess. Your dc should enjoy the science & history you have chosen. Go at his rate, come here for support, and remember a structured approach is preparing your dc for the excitement and joy of learning. I read the other advice above after posting, and it may be helpful to evaluate, etc for LD. But, most people do not learn to read without instruction. Only you know if his public school experience provided him instruction in reading. Unfortunately, some do not.
  8. The information in the TM is taught/demonstrated on the video; an experienced teacher instructs with the help of puppets, stories, activities. Some extra activities are suggested in the TM or on the video, but they are "extras" and not an essential part of the instruction. The parent still needs to help at times, correct work, and ensure the dc is focusing on and participating with the video content. One of my dc excelled at learning from the video content while another dc would not stay focused or participate without me personally doing the teaching.
  9. My auditory learner did well with and enjoyed BJU's DVDs.
  10. My ds just took the 7th grade CAT from Seton, and math was almost exclusively arithmetic. Although he behind in math and is just finishing Saxon 76, he felt quite positive about the test and said he understood all the problems..
  11. My youngest DS does best when taught directly using the white board/etc. He doesn't do well with DVD type programs because he day dreams. He needs to interact with me, and then he is able to complete independent work. He enjoys discussion, action, and independent reading. We have used a variety of materials some which have been quite successful including Shurley English & BJU elementary. But, now he's a middle schooler, it's getting tougher for me to prepare to teach him all subjects. BJU's TE editions for middle and high school require a lot of prep, and some almost a major in the subject to teach well. My older ds did extremely well with BJU DVDS, but not this guy. I need suggestions for easy to teach curriculum with a great TE for MS/HS, or perhaps, a literature or hands on curriculum that has discussion questions, lesson plans, etc. I'm willing to use a variety of publishers, and I do have time for some preparation since he's my only still at home. But, I don't want to have to spend more time studying then he does. Thanks!
  12. If I were in your situation, I would consider using BJU K5 DVD or online. The programing is educational and fun including puppets and activities. I bet your 2 1/2 year old would even enjoy watching some of the classes. Your oldest could also do the workbooks, etc. that are included in the package. While a program like this is not necessary for a 5 yr old, it would give you a much needed break and provide a ready to go, enjoyable learning experience for you dc. BJU has samples of the DVDs/online classes on BJUs website along with samples from the books and workbooks.
  13. My ds takes 6 hours: Math 1 hour Language Arts 1 1/2 hours (Lit., Grammar, Writing, Spelling, Vocabulary) Science 1 hour (textbook, discuss, activity) History 1 hour (textbook, discussion, writing, historical fiction/biography) Bible 1/2 hour Textbook based electives 1 hour (Logic, Technology, Foods, & related activities)
  14. I don't know if your interested in Christian curriculum, but BJU is in the process of updating to meet the common core standards.
  15. I'm still teaching my ds, 12. He thrives through interaction and learns quickly through direct instruction. I teach math, grammar, writing, science, Bible, geography, spelling, and history. He also has independent assignments and readings in those subjects.
  16. I haven't used it, but Foundations bible curriculum from Foundations Press sounds like it contains what you want.
  17. My ds 12, grade 7, spends 6.5 - 7 hours daily. He's taking pre-algebra, life science, English (including grammer, composition, spelling, vocabulary, speech), literature, logic, ancient history (textbook & independent readings), geography, intro. to technology (including typing), health, and Bible.
  18. Since they're enjoying the lessons, I would wait and see how they like the writing lessons. Perhaps, it will not "kill" their love for writing. Maybe, they will like it and learn from the process.
  19. I used DIVE physical science with my DS. The DIVE dvd contained whiteboard lectures, labs, and tests. The DIVE website has correlations between the DVD and several texts including BJU's which we used.
  20. That must be an error! According to their site, the shipping should be $12.50. I'd try my order again, and if that didn't work, call them.
  21. When I used BJU DVD's, I would print out the student materials for each class and file them in a large binder for each student. Then I would print out the teacher's materials and put them in my own binder. Your students should be able to find the pages they need each day from their binders. I also purchased small DVD cases and labeled one for each student. Then, each week I would place the DVDs needed for the week in their own case. Each student could then easily find the DVDs he needed. I placed each student's DVD case, books, notebooks, and supplies on his own shelf. I cut out the math manipulatives and placed each type in its own bag, and then placed the bags in a shoe box size plastic container labeled for each boy. The few larger pieces I placed in a labeled pocket folder. During the first few weeks, you may have to help your younger children learn how to load the DVDs, find the pages in their workbooks and textbooks, etc. But, they soon should be able to manage all the materials by themselves. One more thing, each student should have a notebook to write down his daily assignments. Most teachers will give the assignment during the class. If he misses the assignment, you will need to look it up on the BJU planner pages. I hope this helps. It's a lot of work to set up, but after you get started things will run smoothly, and you'll have time to supervise, grade, and maybe even relax.
  22. You may want to look at Veritas Press. They have a five year history cycle beginning in 2nd grade. Their history literature recommendations cover a wide range ages, starting from about your dd's age to middle school. They also have history timeline cards that may be memorized using a song. I often reference their history literature recommendations.
  23. My ds enjoyed BJU's easy missionary novels: Escape, A Question of Yams, Adoniram Judson: God's Man to Burma, George Mueller, and These are My People.
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