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Is there an east coast version of Azure Standard?

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My co-op leaves much to be desired (and bought!), and I'm tired of dealing with their continued pest issues.


I'm looking for much better deals than can be had buying bulk through my local health food store.


After searching the boards, it seems some of you had customer service issues with A.S., but their prices are still better than what I can find on the east coast...except for the fact that I would have to ship UPS, and I can't imagine how horrible that would be!


I'm in the process of doing major google searches, but I thought perhaps I could save myself a little trouble and pick your knowledgeable brains.


We also decided to get our wholesale license since a store was something we planned on doing in the future. I guess we're just going to start that early, but on a very small scale.


I just can't pay retail for my life any more!


Does anyone here have the answer?





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Does Ozark Natural Foods deliver to your area? When I lived in the Southwest and used the Tucson Co-op, I discovered Ozark. Now I live in the NW and use Azure -- I love their service! And I've used customer service numerous times without ever a problem.




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