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Don't you love it


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When you rush into something without thinking it through or giving it time to work out and it works out to not be the brightest thing?


I do that all the time. With curriculum; I find something new, looks good, look around, find it for a good deal, get it, and sometimes before it even gets here, I find the deal breaker.


Or, like today. I'm running out of ink. SHOULD have decided which was most important to print first, but did I? Nope. Just printed something out, single page, by the way, not double sided, so I'm wasting paper too, that I'm going to get in a hard copy in a few weeks anyway. Or could have been read on the laptop/kindle until it got here. UGH! SMF. Its late, I suppose.

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The other day I got a package that I ordered off Ebay. I got something for AAS and then looked at what else the seller had listed. When it got here I realized I purchased the AAS and WWE 2. We finished 2 last year and I've already purchased 3. I don't know WHAT I was thinking that night. :blushing:



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