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Not sure where to go from here..

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I'm so frustrated. I feel like resources for homeschoolers are so limited when we don't know what's going on.


DD1 has severe amblyopia dx two years ago. We've made great strides with her reading and eye sight but she still HATES to write and has no attention span for schoolwork. I'm not sure if we're dealing with ADD or something else. And I feel like she's still struggling and falling further and further behind. We can wait a year for a developmental pediatric assessment or pay a psychiatrist $$$$$ to maybe dx something. Or go through the school system which I'd rather not do.


We've cut out food dyes, sugar, etc and that helps a little but not a lot. I don't know what to do. I'm almost tempted to put her on the tiniest amount of add med possible and see what happens.


We're still working in the vision issues but vision therapy was a bust. I don't know where to go from here.

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Stayseeliz, her visual thinking could be causing a problem?

With amblyopia, and both eyes focusing on different points.

The brain copes with this, by ignoring one eye.

Where each eye uses their own side of the visual cortex.

But as a result of this, when one visualizes or uses visual recall? The image is only recalled and formed on one side.

Which limits the way that visual thinking is used. As the image can't be viewed in the minds eye, from left to right.


While VT can correct the eyes to some degree. It doesn't automatically flow from this, that visualizing extends to using and integrating both sides?

So that this could be a difficulty for her?

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Around here the wait for a neuropsychologist (not psychiatrist) is 1-3 months. Mine was only 1 month. Like you're saying, there are usually layers of problems. Just because she had eye problems that doesn't mean that's EVERYTHING. Definitely take the next step. For us the neuropsych was a good one because they tested lots of issues and had lots of resources that he could apply directly to teaching her.

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While you're doing the wait to find and get into the neuropsych, start reading about executive function. You're right on track that she probably needs a limited distraction environment and lots of structure. By structure they mean a framework to make things happen. With ADHD you'll typically have executive function (EF) that is 30% behind they're chrono age. Sigh, there was a book someone had recommended on here that I got, had to read super quickly and return to the library, and it had awesome, awesome lists of neurotypical and not typical (haha) EF skills at different ages.


Well whatever, that will get you started. Sometimes flax or fish oil (omega 3) can help too. Does in our house.

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