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Neefa Feefa

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Please tell me someone else knows what this is. LOL


We recently purchased a dvd titled "The Lorax," though it is not the newer, major motion picture out recently. It's an older Dr. Seuss, looks like maybe produced for television, and has a couple of features on it that include "Pontoffel Pock and His Magic Piano" (which includes the character Neefa Feefa), and also "The Butter Battle Book."



Does anyone know where or how I can find more of these? Best dvd money we've spent in years! Thanks!

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I do not know of this Neefa Feefa, but I can advise you to find the movie "The 5000 Fingers of Dr. T." I think it was Seuss' only live-action movie. We quote it a lot at our house. (It's currently on Crackle, if you have that)


Haven't heard of crackle. Going to look! Thanks!


You mean Neefa Feefa the eyeball dancer? :-D


YES! Wahoo! Someone here knows I'm not crazy! :lol:


ETA: Looks like you can get it from Amazon.


We do have this one, but I was hoping to find more like it. Will go see what amazon recommends though! Thanks!

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