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    Classically eclectic; boys ages 13,9,7 plus year old b/g twins.
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  1. I will pm you... but I have no idea what an azure drop is! LOL Thanks for posting!
  2. Okay, bumpity bump! I'm posting in this thread for about the 4th time now. We have moved a lot. LOL *shrug* We are now, once again, near Waco - only this time we are off hwy 6 at Valley Mills. Looking for anyone in Bosque or Hill counties (pretty sure Susan is the Susan I added on FB not long ago :lol: ), especially in Valley Mills or Clifton, I'd love to hear from you! Susan and I are talking about the possibility of starting a conversation about starting a new co-op in this area. But PM me and let's chat even if you aren't interested in a co-op! I'm always up for meeting new moms, and their families! Thanks!
  3. Is anyone near Hubbard, or Corsicana? Hill or Navarro County general areas. PM me!
  4. Hi there! I haven't read any posts on this thread just yet, but wanted to mark it as well as send out a friendly "HOWDY Y'ALL!" I'm DaLynn, 28yo married to Bill for 6.5 yrs. He works nights as a baker and we keep a late schedule to best accomodate his sleep patterns. We're currently in Austin, and within a year hope to buy a home - most likely we will end up somewhere between Kyle and New Braunfels, as dh's job takes him from as far south as San Antonio and as far north as Round Rock or even possibly Temple. We've been homeschooling for almost 2 years now (June), and our three boys are: Christian, who turned 9 on Easter; Drew, who will be 5 in May; and Brandon, who is 3.5 with an August birthday. I read WTM this past summer and have begun implementing it a little at a time into our methods and daily routines. My kiddos don't do well with abrupt change, but I don't think they've even really noticed all of this. LOL Besides, they are all (especially my oldest) doing better utilizing these methods than anything we were doing previously, which is, of course, the reason why I started doing it this way! So we're sort of new to classical, but I'm a researcher and feel comfortable with it at this time. I could post more, but I don't wanna. LOL Gotta go wake up dh, and I'll come read some more TX posts soon!
  5. Hi! We're in south Austin, TX. DH commutes to San Antonio quite a bit, and we will probably relocate at least a little further south within the next year. (We're looking closely at everything between New Braunfels and Kyle. LOL) Hi out there!! BTW, I run a yahoogroup for homeschoolers in or near the south Austin area (including as far south as Kyle, even a few members in San Marcos). If anyone's interested, lmk!
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