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Lesson plans to use "parables from nature" book?


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I just came across this! It might be what you're wanting. It might be what I'm wanting for my almost 10yo ds!

I used this book years ago with Ambleside Online. I read it aloud to my dd & ds (they were probably 9 & 6ish). I'd read a section (paragraph to a page) and then one of us would narrate. I took a turn also. Some of the stories dragged on and on and on, but in the end every story was absolutely worth reading.


ETA: Just tried to go to the Lulu page to see how much it cost and the link didn't work -- the sample looks good though and I think it is a WTM'er producing it.

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O My goodness this IS awesome. I JUST bought Spelling Wisdom from Simply Charlotte, but I would love these lesson plans!


My only question is do I tell what the parable means or do ask questions to get him to see to get him to see the meaning of the parable or do I just let it be and have him figure it out himself? :confused:


I just went and checked out Lulu...Here is the link to buy Copywork Book and Spelling Book http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/engquistacademy

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ETA after Checking out link.
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the sample looks great, my kids would love this! But, I don't see the language arts book on Lulu? Just the copywork and spelling? Anyone else find it?


I asked the author in a thread on the general board and here is her reply:

I am *still* working on it. Our youngest came along and I everything got derailed.


I will, however, be releasing copywork books on lulu soon.

I'm bummed, but completely understand!

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