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How to teach my lefty to write the right way?

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My five year old is a lefty, and most of the time she writes her name (and just about everything else) backwards, like a mirror image (just like DaVinci, I've read!). It seems that if she gets the first letter right she will write the rest of the letters correctly. How can I help her remember which was is the right way to write? Thanks for your ideas! :bigear:

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Make sure her form is correct. I used a Getty-Dubay book that helped me with that but I am sure you can look it up on the net. And then just stay next to her when she is writing and dont let her practice writing in correctly. I really like HWT for preventing letter reversal but I am just starting this with my 6 and 4 yo so not long term experience yet:001_smile:

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I plan to use WRTR (Spalding) handwriting instructions with my lefty. They use a clockface. I used HWT with my oldest and liked it, but if the kid is reversing "c" even, you're going to have to make sure you use their slate with the smiley face, so they know which way to start! The clockface, OTOH, doesn't change, so if they know to start at 2 o'clock, they won't start on the other side.


I'm using this now with a (righty) kid that thinks in pictures and reverses letters in his head sometimes, and during handwriting, he's not having any trouble with reversals (though as he wrote his Christmas list yesterday.. yes, early... he reversed a bunch of letters, but he wasn't thinking about handwriting, and I expect that from a 5.5 year old).


I also use a cursor for reading, so I'm teaching to read left to right.


My lefty doesn't yet do mirror writing, but he's only 3, so who knows what he'll do when the time comes! He mostly does the first letter of his name, which is symmetrical and thus can't be reversed. :D

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