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  1. Lisa from Organize 365 has agreed to do a organization workshop the first night of the Cincy convention for homeschoolers who will be in the area at that time. It will be the same venue as her other workshops. I am driving my van over if someone needs a ride. It will be Thursday night and she is talking about setting up a Sunday Basket for those of us who already listen to her podcasts, tackling the incoming paper for those new to her ideas. She was a teacher and her organization style makes so much sense to me.
  2. Does that come with a lesson plan? I bought Easy Grammar Grades 3 and 4 used and I can't tell if I should know how many pages to do a day? Theresa
  3. I would love to hear your experiences with reading eggs and what you consider a good price. I am constantly seeing diffferent specials and it is a little confusing. Thanks for your help!
  4. For $20 bucks I would probably buy it. It is not complete but you will probably get more than twenty dollars worth if you use it as a supplement. But then I am a curriculum junkie :drool5:
  5. Honestly, I would expect that is a typo. Even for Classic that is cheap. I would ask some clarifying questions like what is the condition and what is the print year. If it is Classic does it have the Loom? And are the binders included? Does it have all the pages? HTH
  6. I was wondering if anyone here has tried Apologia's Physical Science 2nd Edition Full Course CD-Rom and what they thought about it. Thanks
  7. I was thinking I was crazy or something. I am NOT a computer developer or any like that but I thought there are a WHOLE lot of bugs in this thing. It is so not what I signed up for. I love Rebecca @ WPD but I am so sad and disappointed. The upgrades that they promised are soooo slow coming. I just am at a loss over the whole mess.:thumbdown:
  8. I dont care for the way the 5th edition is set up myself. I have an older edition(red) I like that much more. Not sure about the new edition.
  9. http://bridgingapps .org/i-am- a-parent/ A website that recommended on another list to help parents with SN children find useful apps. Hope it helps someone.
  10. Has anybody actually used Tree Ring to produce a yearbook? It looks great online but I am wondering what the actual outcome has been for folks. Thx.
  11. I really dont know how to express how helpful this board is to me. We had to go through a lot to get our dx and our dr was helpful but didnt give me the 'common words' for these offical dx. I just put together that the math part is what everyone calls dyscalculia and was wondering about the written expression part. All the books, workshops forums refer to dyslexia, dysgraphia and I didnt want to be adding titles that were not true but they seemed to fit what I was dealing with! Thank you ladies.
  12. Anybody have a child with this diagnosis? Just wondering what you are doing for writing.
  13. Anybody here do Apologia Chemistry at home? I am just coming to the realization that we need to do Chemistry and I am so bummed. Anybody been through it and want to encourage me that its not that bad.:confused:
  14. Erica at Confessions http://www.confessionsofahomeschooler.com/ has both US and World Geography. You can download one at a time for free. But it is pretty cheap to buy and we have enjoyed her studies.
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