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  1. Thank you all. Each of you has given me something to consider. I'm still not sure what I'm going to do, but maybe I can focus my research a bit more. Considering apologia for biology, I see they have a DVD, and text cd rom, as well as traditional text. I need to give that all some thought. Also considering biology 101, a DVD from answers in genesis that has optional work to make it a high school credit. Concerned with its structure and whether it's "enough" though. I love your ideas with lit, just to do living books, Troy, Homer, etc. I Love literature and get excited about teaching it. I just get a little nervous at little no structure, but that's just me, I can do it, I've done it before. ?I own vocab with classical roots already, and am considering the Power in Your Hands for writing . Jump In worked well for him in the past, and this looks similar.Grammar he's very strong in, but doesn't apply it to his own writing well, so I'm considering Fix It, from IEW...(i think) The ancients...Im going to look into great courses,I haven't done that yet. I don't want to spend a fortune, but of course want something wonderful. I'm considering Diana Warings Ancient course, it's heavily audio. Brendon is very audio/ visual but also needs routine and structure. He did amazingly wonderful with TT, which I know is easy, and that's ok, he needs to build confidence. He also has a math disbability, mildly. But it makes me wonder if so should look at more curricula with that media. Thank you for reading my rambling, trying to get my disjointed thoughts together. Thanks for all your suggestions, I'm off to look into them.
  2. So, we have been very busy lately. My daughter graduated, we've been out of the country, jet lag, lol...Anyway, I'm just now settling down to see about my upcoming 9th graders curriculum for this fall. Although he's a bright kid, he does have some challenges. He has been diagnosed with Non verbal learning disorder, which for him just means I need to be a little more hands on to help keep him on track and help with instructions. He also has a writing disability, dysgraphia, so we do alot of things out loud, or he types, which helps some. So...with that background, what I'm here for at the moment is help with language arts, Biology and Ancient history curriculum for grade 9. What worked for you? I've been researching but am a bit overwhelmed. We are Christian, and would like the biology at least to reflect that viewpoint. Thanks so much!
  3. Interesting...are you thinking of moving there? It's so beautiful.We went last year, I'll never forget it. Dying to go back.
  4. A friend of mine has easy grammar. I looked at it,I believe the highest level available, and it looks like we've already covered it... And we do like diagramming :) Its something he's really very good at, and teaches part of speech so very well. It's important to me that he feel acomplished in this subject, since due to his learning disorder he struggles with some other subjects.Ie, math. It is a good point that analytical is only grammar,which is what I'm looking for, I think. ;)Thank you!! Sent from my LGL41C using Tapatalk
  5. We did R&S 6 this last year and although my son did exceptionally well, (we did the majority of it aloud), he hated this curriculum. I promised I would switch, and so here I am undecided :) A little about us: *DS13 has nonverbal learning disorder. He does very well with grammar, (part of the description of the disorder), but he doesn't do so well with writing. We are using Jump In! for writing, which has worked well. We will continue this next year. *He is hugely an auditory learner. He did very very well with FLL4, and all of the other FLLs we used previously as well. So, in looking at Hake/saxon samples I am thinking Hake 7 looks pretty easy for him, at least the grammar portion. Has anyone went to Hake 8 after R&S 6, or would you not recommend that? Also, although they are very different, I like the look of analytical grammar as well. Any thoughts? :confused1: (For literature right now I am strongly leaning toward lightning lit 7. Unless someone has better idea :laugh:) Thanks all!
  6. Curious what experiments you may have tried that are suggested in TWTM for biology 5th grade. Owl pellets, microscope, terrarium, etc etc. Just curious what you really enjoyed. Thank you!
  7. Great suggestions, thank you all. I already had planned on getting the scrambled states game, I have a large floor puzzle, I will definitely be getting that app. I also have flashcards and one of those "complete book of maps and geo",(something like that, large paperback cheap workbook), that has a rather large US section....Maybe I will forego any structured curriculum....Hmmm.
  8. We really need to get on this! My son is 11 and his knowledge is....not good...about US states. Is there a curriculum that really works well? He isn't crafty at all, so no lapbook type things, and no songs, they just annoy him. He is a boy"s boy, kwim? I guess straightforward is good, but not boring...looking at Trail guide to US, or perhaps Memoria Press States and capitals, or something else amazing you all may know about. Thanks! :)
  9. We finished FLL4 before summer break, and I am now looking at R&S English. My son did really, really well with FLL, that kid KNOWS his grammar now! I am so proud of what I thought was a struggling learner. I cant say enough good things about FLL! So, my question is, should I be looking at R&S 6 possibly, instead of 5? Anyone had experience doing this? I've looked at some samples, it seems ok, I am just nervous about skipping a level....Thanks!!
  10. I didn't read all of this, I apologize. But I identify with you, op, as this is our second year with hs, and last year, I too, was kept up at night trying to choose a math program. My son is now 10, math was his worst subject, and the reason I pulled him from ps. He is doing sooooo well now, above grade level, well above what ps is doing anyway. :) We are using mcp math. I don't know why I never see it mentioned, but we love it. It is straightforward, easy to understand, lots of practice, optional review at end of chapters , tests, etc. My son was failing math in ps. Now he's getting it, the progress is amazing. Hope this helps someone!
  11. I think I am going to do meet the masters with my 4th grade son this year. I really like the look of it.
  12. Ok, that is what I needed to know. Thanks!!!
  13. Ok, I heard back from her. She said she bought it used, never used it. It has binders, cover pages, and is separated into weeks. She said she does not have a CD to go with it, but it looks complete???? She did buy the extra map aide CD, and is including it. What do you think, sound complete or not? Worth $20? Will I be able to figure it out,lol? I wasn't looking for this, just ran across it and it is the time period we are studying. I have been looking for early US history supplements....hmmm...opinions needed
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