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Read if you read my post about hoarders

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The funniest thing happened today. We installed a new dishwasher yesterday, so we were going to call for special trash pickup. My husband was mowing and noticed a guy with a truck and trailer picking up a dishwasher from a neighbor who collects scrap metal to sell. My husband asked if he wanted another.


The guy said sure and said that a friend of his repairs them and resells them. He then told us where he lives. He's one of the hoarding guys in our neighborhood. :lol:


I guess we contributed to his problem. Ooops

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My mom hoards. :glare: (She didn't when I was growing up.)

She called me last week to see if I wanted some old magazines and papers. I knew if I said "No, thanks," she would just keep them in her house. I told her I would like them, so she shipped them to me. Got package yesterday. Still trying to decide if I should open the package before I toss it in the trash or not... I doubt she put anything of value in the package. So the package still sits - unopened - on my kitchen counter while I decide if I should open it.

It is crazy to ship paper across the country to be thrown away, but every bit out of her house counts. :tongue_smilie:


I know the feeling of contributing to the problem. :lol: Non-hoarders never think their trash or cast-offs will be a treasure to someone else.

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