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? about trying to keep my twin boys and DD together for English

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She's only 13 months older than my boys, so I was thinking about trying to do an English course where I can keep them together. I was thinking about BJU English 3 online course. My boys are going into 3rd and she's going into 4th. BJU is supposed to be a little advanced and she completed BJU English 2 online last year. The boys did WWE I. Any thoughts or other suggestions? Do you think it's necessary that the boys complete BJU 2 before attempting BJU 3?:confused:


They're together in everything else except math. She's going to do TT4 and they'll be doing TT3.

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I'm not familiar enough with BJU to comment on their levels. I was in a similar situation with my three youngest. My ds is 15 months older than his sisters. I kept him with his sisters for English, science, and history. Looking back I regret it. A lot of the times he was bored because the material in English was too easy for him. He learned to dislike school. I think part of the reason was because I didn't take into account him and his personality and needs as much as I wanted to keep everyone together to make things easier for me.


I'm not saying that is the case for you. Just something to think about--though you may have already considered it---so feel free to disregard! :tongue_smilie:

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