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23 hours until we leave for vacation!


I haven't put a single thing in a suitcase yet, and I'm working from 10-4 today. But I have an awesome packing list from previous years, which should make everything easy. (Okay, easier.)


We go to a UU family camp in the Blue Ridge Mountains every summer. It's a solid week of love, fun, community, music, worship, cafeteria food, and home-brewed beer. (What, your church camp doesn't have a thriving brewers' community?) My 7yo has a whole set of friends there she's known one-week-a-year since she was a baby. I have a fantastic circle of girlfriends there.


Let me tell you: as a member of an extreme minority religion, it feels amazing to be 1000 strong in one place for a week.


Last year I was appointed to the Board of Directors, so I get to be part of all the fascinating behind-the-scenes stuff now. We even get to arrive one day early. Also new this year: my husband and I are going to be singing together in the "gospel glee club" every afternoon, he's leading a wine tasting workshop Friday night, and my 3yo is going to participate in the children's program joyfully and without drama. (Okay, I might have slipped that last one in there as an aspirational goal.) And Alex and I are going to hike to a waterfall where we can swim in the pool at its base.



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For a second, I thought you were talking about the other kind of tick! [i keep saying that *sigh*]


I wondered whether it was her biological clock :tongue_smilie:.


Sounds heavenly, have a wonderful time :001_smile:!

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We are also leaving for vacation in about 23 hours and I haven't packed a thing, either. In fact, I still have 2 loads of laundry to do before I can pack. (We'll be gone 8 days, but we're headed to the beach. :D)


I also want to get the house tidy. I can't stand coming home to a messy house...

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Some friends of ours went to this same camp about 2 weeks ago! I think we're going to get a group from our church together and go next year. :) Have tons of fun.


Thanks! It can't be this exact camp that your friends went to, though - this is SUUSI, which only exists for one week a year. Did they go to The Mountain?

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