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How much writing for second grade?


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1 handwriting page, Saxon math lesson, Easy Grammar Daily Grams page, plus whatever cards/coloring they create on their own throughout the day. I will be doing Writing Tales 1 with my 2nd grader this year, but she's more advanced with her writing abilities (I'm talking the physical act, not composition - she's very artistic). I don't usually expect a lot of writing at this age, however, my kids do love to make a lot of cards/letters to give to family and friends in their own time. They do this almost every day.

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How much writing does your second grader do for school on a typical day? By writing, I mean the physical act, not composition.


We do our cursive copywork (a couple sentences), AAS dictation sentences (5), math assignment, grammar (maybe about 10 words). Everything else is done orally. Because I have them write so little, I expect their best handwriting.

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This is for a rising second grader who doesn't mind writing, and does more in her spare time.


Grammar: a couple simple sentences, or so (FLL)

Spelling: a workpage in her book or writing all 16 words once

Writing: a longer, more complex sentence for copywork, or a couple simple ones for dictation, and she works on a cursive letter

Literature: writing the title and author of finished books

Math: two pages of problems, and a small drill sheet every other day

History or science: just starting to write out a bit of her own narrations, and any writing on paper crafts

Latin: 6-10 words

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With eldest, I don't honestly remember. For youngest, it was a decent amount, not too much.


Spelling - words & dictation sentences daily

Writing - whatever that day's Writing assignment was - from couple of sentences to pre-writing for longer assignment to working on longer assignment

Grammar - 1 page a day

Latin - 1-2 pages per day

Math - 1-2 pages per day

Science/History - either oral narrations, which involved no writing for youngest, or 1-2 paragraph (on average) written narration, plus all writing for projects, filling out lab sheets, etc.

Logic - 1 page a day (well, that's what was scheduled, youngest really enjoys Logic & finished book less than halfway through school year)

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