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encouragement for family time...

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I just got back from our family vacation. It was an awesome time filled with cherished times for our kids. I love our vacations- even if they are TONS of work. This year was different though and I had some insight that I wanted to pass on to others in case it is helpful for anyone...


My dad passed away last year. Going camping with my family this year brought back a flood of memories of growing up with my dad and all of our family camping trips/vacations. An enormous amount of memories filled my mind and my emotions overflowed all week remembering all of our fond times together. It was different than remembering him in everyday life- where it all seems to blend in together. There were tangible clear pictures of memories/experiences in my mind. It made me realize how important family vacations are for our kids. I think the "different" location/experiences help solidify those times in our brains (at least mine).


Realizing this made planning special events and trips for our future even more important. When we are gone and our kids look back on life- I want them to be able to have a plethora of these memories to draw on in their memory banks.


There's my 2 cents. Enjoy your families. Make the effort to plan special times with them. :)

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I totally agree.


We don't camp often, usually only once a year. A couple of years, we couldn't even afford that.


But we try to take kids on individual outings with us. They are anywhere from the grocery store to the coffee shop or McDonalds to dinner. Last year, we took individual kids camping for the weekend. DH took each boy. I took DD. A couple of them have asked for a repeat of last year.

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My grandmother and I both really enjoyed country music and she had always wanted to go to Nashville. She went 1 time with a friend and didn't get to do any of the things that she wanted to. She didn't travel far from home other than to visit us once or twice a year. My mom and I finally decided to take her to Nashville. We all 3 had a really great time. It was less than a year later that my grandmother passed away.


Yes family time is very important and I am so glad that we spend that time together.

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