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We did a can of Coke each morning for a while. So that's 12 ounces. It didn't help my son enough, so he's on medication now.


My husband has the same diagnosis. He and several of his co-workers self-medicate with caffeine. I don't think they're paying attention to how much, except to drink lots.

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Doesn't work for me. I drink a cup of coffee in the morning to get me started but I still need my Ritalin. In fact, I find the caffeine is a lot harder on me and comes with more side effects. Two much and my heart races and/or I crash and have to crawl into bed for a nap.

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My 14yo daughter drinks about half a cup of coffee in the morning, and that seems to help her attention issues. We took her off Concerta about a year ago.


Of course, within that time she also went through puberty, and matured a lot. She made some big developmental leaps as an athlete also, which probably helped. So who knows if the coffee actually really helps?

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