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Is it to late for a garden.......what can I plant July or later???

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Well, all you can do is try and see what happens. I live in Redding and last year I planted corn this late and it did better than my first spring planting. I think this is the time to plant for winter veggies, like cauliflower and broccoli if you want to try that sort of thing. I don't see why you couldn't try a cuke or melon. I planted a bush cucumber and it started producing very quickly. So did my lemon cucumber. They are both on the small side. Oh, I'd bet a zucchini would be fine, too. Maybe starts instead of seeds? I've started to mist my garden plants with water when the temps are over 100. I read that it cools them off, and around here they need it. Good luck!

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I know the answer to this!!!! I'm so excited :)


Anyway, depending on where you are, you can still plant the quickies like bush beans (well, gee, I just planted pole beans myself!), carrots, and others which do not require a zillion warm days.


Additionally, starting in August or so (depending on where you are), you can start planting fall plants like brocolli, cabbage, etc.


In my later edition Square Foot Gardening, he has a nice chart of what you can plant when in relation to your average first frost date (which you should ask your extension agent about), as well as how long you can continue planting various other vegetables. They probably have this book at the library, or your extension agent might have something similar for your state. (The way you find him is to look under your county offices in the phone book for something like Agricultural Extension.)


Good Luck!!!!

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If you are in an inland, hot area, then it's best to wait before planting. I'm in Southern California, in an extremely hot, inland valley. I definitely can't plant anything now, even what I have already is burning up in our day after day 100F+ temperatures.


But I will start new seeds going at the very end of September, or very early October. Since we don't have super-cold winters, the gardening season goes right through winter.


So, if you are in a hot area, you might do best to wait a couple months.

Michelle T

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