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Pastrami and Rye, Corned Beef on Rye...

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Okay, for some reason, our supplier is having difficulty finding a good dark rye that is not paper thin for our deli. He HAS found a REALLY NICE, thick, very fresh (tastes homemade) light rye. There are two choices, one has a bit of a stronger rye taste than the other. In the interim, we've been picking up loaves from the store, one dark, one light. Everyone, of course, chooses the dark rye.


My question: Does the color of your rye bread make or break the sandwich more than the taste *to you*?


We have a deli and most of our business is carry out or catering to people who are eating as they drive back to work OR eating at their desk in the office. We'd REALLY like to provide a bread that is NOT going to fall apart.


Thoughts? We really need to place an order TODAY.


(I know, I know...Pastrami and Rye is ALWAYS on dark rye...)

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The delis in my area serve light rye. I prefer light seeded rye on my corned beef (pastrami-blech). Oh, and I prefer thin slice to thick. Honestly, I don't even know dark rye...our dark bread is pump and then we can get swirl which is half rye half pump. Maybe it's a regional thing? Somewhere w/a german influence perhaps? Anyway, it wouldn't matter to me. I would just make a choice from the available selection.

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Can you order rolls made from the bread? I hate sliced bread for any kid of sandwich other than grilled cheese. I love, and am happy to pay extra for, sandwiches on buns, rolls, and pretzels.


But I don't like rye seeds, but the flavor is OK- I prefer pumpernickel.

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