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This is too cute not to share...

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So we just got home from the library. Zee is really into Little House books lately; all the different series and what not. He talks about them a lot, about which book he wants to read next, about what happens in the story, etc.


So Moose, who is 6 1/2 and just a beginning reader, decides that he wants to check out Little House on the Prarie to read. So of course I let him, but I didn't think he'd actually read any of it, you know?


Both of the boys are sitting in the living room, reading. And Dontcha know it, Moose is reading Little House on the Prarie. :D There's bound to be lots of words he doesn't know in it, but whatever; good for him!


He just wants to be just like his big brother. :001_wub:

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The boy is *still* reading it. It's adorable. I've never seen him even TRY to read a chapter book before.


I'm not making any big deal out of it to him, but it's just, I don't know, like a 'first', you know? The first time he's ever picked up a non-picture book and decided to read it. By himself.

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