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One Small Square for Science?

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I've seen these books mentioned around the forum but I can't find anything specific now that I'm looking.


My son is a very enthusiastic learner (not advanced) and he loves science and learning everything he can about the world so I was thinking of adding a science to our Kindergarten year.


Has anyone that has used these books comment on what you liked, how you used them, which one you used, or if maybe I'm wasting my time since my son is only a k'er.


Is there something better for science? Like maybe My Pals are Here (which I know nothing about!)



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I've checked a few out of the library for read alouds. We didn't use them specifically for science - I just try to mix fiction and nonfiction for read alouds every week. I have several of them scheduled in my homemade science plans for this year.

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I have several of the One Small Square books. Noeo science uses them some. They are beautiful books that have a lot of information. They cover the ecology of each ecosystem (how the animals, plants, habitat work together).


If you were going to focus your science program on different ecosystems, this would be a great resource. It would be nice to use this as a starting point and then find additional books about the animals that live in each environment. For example, the One Small Square Arctic Tundra has a lot of information about the animals, the tundra, the extreme cold, and permafrost. You could add some nice books about polar bears, caribou, wolves, etc to stretch it out a bit.


My kids seemed to like them, but the books have so much information that they began to get a bit of a glaze to their eyes after a while!




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