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Incoming Video Call?

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I was on FB and a strange noise started up and it said, "Incoming Video Call."


What the heck is that? The call was from someone I don't know but is a friend of my parents so I friended them on FB. They live overseas.


I just logged out of FB really fast.


What is it?

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I am not positive, at all, but I noticed recently that Facebook has an option of "Call" when I go to a person's (friend's) Profile Page or Timeline. I'm not sure how it's determined -- maybe if they have Skype listed, and they know I have Skype?


So, my best guess is, *if* you have your skype info (or other program that allows video calls) registered in your facebook account, they were able to hit the "Call" button and call you?


Unless FB itself now has integrated call function, allowing users to "call" via them instead of via Skype??? Like Facetime for iPad??? If you do NOT have Skype, that is my guess; I haven't tried it out yet, I only saw it today after you posted this.


But, if it was from a FB friend of yours, it would most likely mean that they have a webcam, clicked the new "call" button at the top of your profile page, and were calling you. I have no idea with FB if you would have to enable video on your end for them to be able to see you; with Skype if someone calls with Video, it means I can see them on my computer monitor, but they cannot see me unless I turn on my video (it gives me the option to answer with or without video).


Hope that helps a little bit; if it was a known person (someone from your own friends list) I would not worry too much, though i see that is startling. I would imagine if it is w/in FB you can probably avoid it by setting your preferences to "show off line" so that you do not show up as "on line" in the little chat list thing. Maybe. That's a guess, though; you'll have to explore your various settings and all and see for sure.

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it's video chat. in order for it to work you would need a webcam and have to have installed FB's video chatting software. i've used it with my mom before, but would be super wary of people I dont know well or letting my kids use FB if I had the software on my computer

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I See. I don't have the software downloaded. My kids are not on FB. I have even offered to let my older two have a FB account since some of their friends have them. They don't want them.


problem solved! it will reject them after a bit if you don't have the software.


pretty sure that even if someone has the software, they have the choice to accept or decline the call. That way no one can (theoretically) just see into your living room or wherever.

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