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How to strengthen teeth?

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In reading the posts about teeth issues, how does one strengthen their teeth? I have had issues since a young child - didn't like candy, etc. The dentist couldn't figure out why my teeth were prone to cavities. My teeth as an adult have had a lot of work done on them also. Seeing a trend in a couple of my boys also.



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Honestly, I've always wondered if genetics plays a part in whether teeth are prone to decay or not. Everyone in our family has horrible teeth (my original family, not my husband/kids,etc). My mom, dad, brother and sister fight to keep their teeth. I've elected to let some of mine go and hope to get partials this year. I remember as a kid, I would have 6+ cavities every visit.


Just in case it's not genetics though, I stay on top of my kids dental care. My husband teases me about it, but I don't want my kids to go through what I've been through. I tell them that when they leave my home they will possess two valuable things - a college education with no student loans and a perfect and healthy set of teeth. (And honestly, I'm not sure which will cost more).


My oldest daughter has autism, so I brush and floss her teeth 2x daily. She can't spit so I wipe on a fluoride rinse with gauze. She has had one cavity in her life, thank goodness. Other than her two dental visits a year, I usually try to squeeze in an extra one (which insurance won't cover) just to make sure things are going well. My middle daughter has had a few on her back teeth, so I double check those. However, Celiac Disease can cause dental problems so I don't stress over them, we just work hard to keep them to a minimum. My youngest has had no cavities.


I know if you have reflux, it can cause damage to back teeth as well. I limit soda and forbid Mt. Dew completely. :tongue_smilie:

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Guest castillonewsom

Strengthen of teeth is very important think because it is make good personality on other people. I like to do brush in every morning to get good breath as well as teeth.

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