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if you own a Graco TurboBooster car seat and are a saint......

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I'm trying to buy a booster for my just turned 6 year old son. I bought the Evenflo Maestro Devon Booster. When I got it out of the box and sat my son in it (he's 43 lbs and about 46" and slender), the edge of it hits him at about mid-thigh. In other words, once he's scooted to the back (and sitting in it properly), from the middle of his thighs to his knees is just suspended with nothing under it. I'm now looking at the Graco Highback TurboBooster http://www.gracobaby.com/Products/Pages/ProductDetails.aspx?ProductID=1781044


and I can't tell that the seat depth is any better? I've enlarged the pic but can't tell.


1. Is this normal (that half the child's upper leg is supposed to have no support (looks uncomfortable to me)?


2. Any saint who's willing to go measure the depth of the seat from the back to the front edge for me (the Evenflo's depth is only 10 inches)?



I don't want to come home with yet another and have this identical problem.

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Oh Brett_Ashley, there's a crown in heaven for you for this!


Thanks so much!!!


That Evenflo Maestro is only 10 inches, so that extra 4 inches will be much improved.

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I saw the 15" but I assume it meant that the entire product itself was that deep so that some of those inches were the depth of the back apparatus. Maybe it does mean that the 15" is the seat depth only.

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isnt that something? I used one for years without knowing about it bc I was dumb and assumed it was open and go. Graco should just put those buggers in.


They're starting to with some of them. The no backs often have them in already, but not usually the high backs. You're not alone. We see a lot more without screws than with.

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