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poll: Do you support corporal punishment?

Do you support corporal punishment?  

  1. 1. Do you support corporal punishment?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Sometimes....

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Related to the capital punishment thread, do you support corporal punishment? (In a legal sense, not in a home sense)


Malaysia and Singapore both use corporal punishment.


From wiki, for those unsure of how it works:


Judicial caning was introduced to Singapore by the British when they controlled Singapore as part of their colonial empire. Thousands of male criminals are caned in Singapore each year for both violent and non-violent offences such as vandalism, overstaying one's visa or illegal immigration.


Caning is never ordered on its own, but always as an addition to a prison sentence.



The male to be caned is strapped in a bending-over position to a metal or wooden frame. The punishment is delivered to the bare buttocks, the number of strokes being specified in the court's sentence. The rattan cane is 1.2 metres (3.9 ft) long and up to 1.27 centimetres (0.5 in) thick,[1] considerably bigger and heavier than a school cane. The cane is soaked in water beforehand to prevent it from splitting and make it more flexible; the Prisons Department denies that the cane is soaked in brine, but notes that the cane is treated with antiseptic before use. Parts of the man's body are padded to prevent accidental damaging of the kidneys and the genitals. Permanent scarring of the buttocks can occur in the case of a large number of strokes.



The punishment is carried out privately in a prison, in the presence of a prison officer and a medical officer. Contrary to widespread belief, it is never administered in public, and never has been. The caning is carried out in a single session, and not by 'instalments'.[2] Thus, a man sentenced to 24 strokes of the cane (the maximum possible sentence) will have the entire sentence carried out at once. The persons carrying out the caning are specially trained prison officers.

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What about if people are given the choice of prison or corporal punishment? Would your answer change?


I was going to say yes, but would that really be good? Maybe the people who really needed rehabilitatoin would automatically choose corporal punishment and that would mean nothing to them.


Generally, whether in the home or in jail, it is just teaching that violence solves or resolves matters, which I feel is totally not true and wrong. I believe it really is one reason we have such a violent society.

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Have to add to that--as far as in the home--I have never understood two things. 1--the only person you can legally hit and get away with it (and I know there are people who will say "oh, now you can't"--well, good, but the only person you can legally hit in all of society is your own child! How does that make sense?!? And, 2--This is the person you are supposed to teach right from wrong, that violence solves nothing, that you are supposed to protect from all the evils of the world, protect from everything, how could you ever hit them, ever hurt them? I have never, ever been tempted to hit my child, and I know, without a doubt, that I never will.

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Oh dear! Like a dummy, I voted before reading the op. My answer would be no. My observation has been that most governments who use this form of punishment are very wicked and corrupt to begin with.


Whoops, me too. Subtract a yes and add a no in your heads!

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