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  1. I haven't "seen" you on the boards lately. I hope you're doing all right. PM me if you want to "chat".



  2. Thanks. Just so you know, I wasn't referring solely to you. :)

  3. Love your new avatar!!!


    Although I did like the Buddha too! :)

  4. Hey, hope you are doing well! Like you new avatar! :D

  5. MTA,


    Hope you're having a great evening!



  6. I loved your message about cats. Esp. the warning about nocturnal toe attacks!

  7. Hi Chris! I like your posts, and thought you would make a good friend :).


    I really like RS4K; it is easy to understand, inexpensive and fun, and, I imagine, a lot cheaper than Sonlight! I have two Tops, and they are great--we haven't gotten to them yet, but I can't wait (my dd adores science, and they look amazing! I got one of them really cheap here).


    I don't have either of the TOPS you have, but the first page at least is a list of what you need, so hopefully you can figure some of it out?


    Good luck!

  8. Hi Mom! (Hmmmm, I have a habit of shortening eveyone's name--altho yours is pretty short, and "Mom" may not be appropriate!)


    Thanks for wanting to be my friend!


    I just noticed that you use RS4K like Sonlight 3--how do you like it? I am thinking ahead to next year, and also thinking Mary and I may do science on Saturdays for fun this year. Any feedback would be lovely. I picked up TOPS at a garage sale--I think I have Radishes and the Bean one, but there are about 3 (I'm guessing) pages torn out of the very front. Are you using those specific TOPS, also?


    Thanks for the info--looking forward to being your friend!

    Chris in VA

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