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  1. Gosh, the information keeps coming! This is amazing! As to the question of which math book I use from B&N, it is their brand, Flashkids, and I think it is great. We tried Saxon, Math-U-See, and Singapore. I have to say, my dd is a natural at math, as was I, so that probably makes a diff. But neither she nor I could stand the repetition of the first two, they drove us nuts! These books are workbooks with an example or two of each thing it is teaching, not something that is going to go into long explanation, so if you need that, it won't work. And I lied, they are $6.95--but, wit
  2. Wow! I can't believe all the info you guys have posted!! Thanks so much!!! I'm in northern FL, for those that have asked. And this looks enough to keep me going for a while! Thanks you all, so, so much! I did go to our local library last night, and, while they have nothing like curricula, they have a very good history section, a not so good music and art section, but I did find a few Jim Weiss (not necessary, but oh so fun!!), and found there is a huge homeschool group with 800 families, there own building and their own library!!!! I believe it is non-secular, but I can live with
  3. Thanks so much for the kind replies, and for the information! So nice to see some old friends! As for the positive attitude, better than being down! I was, very, believe me--more like in a true state of shock when I opened the door of my house! You cannot imagine how bad it was--I can't believe anyone would live in that, much less allow it to happen. It was a true, life size litter box without the litter! I mean, everywhere!!! I took her to court (she never showed up), and it turned out her "references" were friends, forgot to mention that, who claimed they had no idea, and when I we
  4. Well, I've been gone for quite a while, and have a long story to tell, so don't start reading if you don't have some time, lol. The last time I was here, I was out of a job and desperately looking for one where I could remain at home and still homeschool my dd (who is now 12). I had gone through a horrible divorce (my ex had taken all of our money, furniture, etc, we had come home from vacay to an find an empty house, and he had emptied our house, to move in with his girlfried of two years, I, of course, had no idea--he had even taken my dd's things, because his gf had a dd about the same
  5. As you pointed out, you are paying a small fortune for these lessons, and she has had a long (very long) and very fruitful career. I think you can talk to them about that, and how we all have the point when we should retire, and we may need help recognizing that--I know if I had reached that point, I'd want to know, even if I needed someone else to tell me. You aren't helping her dignity by letting her continue. Let her go out with the dignity with which she taught. Let her know how much you have enjoyed having her teach your children, how much they have loved and respected her, that th
  6. I agree with the mutt call. If you get a mix, you have much less chance of probs--purebreeds have the most probs. Mutts have many less--health, temperament, etc. Plus, if you go to a shelter, you are saving a life. Also, although everyone loves a puppy, if you get a dog that is not a puppy, you will know what the temperament is, you won't have to deal with potty training (which can be a nightmare), and teething (they can literally eat your house), etc. My dd and I have volunteered at an SPCA for three years, and they are wonderful. They check the dog to see if it is good with other
  7. Every year since my dd was 2 until about 7 or so, I would buy her a beautiful costume (usually Disney--everything!! wig, shoes, gloves, tiara--all of it) and, on Halloween, she would decide she wanted to be a black cat, dress in black, and want ears and a tail, and that was it! So we had a bunch of Disney costumes from when she was little, that she gave to a needy fam a few years ago that had six little girls. Actually, I had regretted it for the longest time, until she did that, and then I felt great--her decision, she had had them to play with, then one little girl told her they never dres
  8. :lol: Too, too good!!! I'd do it, too--if I never wanted to associate with them again!! ;)
  9. I haven't written, or really tried to, since dd was nearly a year old. My (then) husband was really into a novel I was writing, we had just sold a company we owned, and he watched her so I could write. I finished it, took a while to shop it around, got an agent, got a book deal, took forever to finalize it, and, just before everything went through, they backed out (this is nearly 3 years later). Just after that, hubby left, and I haven't tried anything since, haven't even tried to sell it again. I'm hoping, if and when my life ever settles down again, I'll try to sell it again, and try
  10. Nachos are actually fine, in my opinion. Or, to make it really easy, I do a bean and cheese and salsa dip (we are vegetarians), and we love that (refried beans do well too) and that is plenty of protein, with chips. We love chili, and that can lead to tacos or burritos another night, and making a "taco bar" is always fun--setting out the fixings and letting them "build" their own. Same for a "salad bar". A choice of toppings for pasta might be something they prefer--my dd likes a different sauce than I do, so I split the pasta, actually into three different sauces, and we each have s
  11. Well, I am half Indian, my dad was Punjabi, and I was raised vegetarian, not vegan, but I am fanatical. I like Julie Sahni, although not all her stuff is veg, but I ignore what is not. You can make anything vegan, and with I cut back on the oil in all of it, including in the ones listed before--Indian's have an incredibly high rate of cholesterol and heart disease--wonder why? There was a great healthy Indian cookbook on Amazon discussed here last year--anyone remember the name? PS The main thing with Indian food is making up your own masala (mixture of spices you like--mine is based
  12. I can't thank you all enough!!!! These sound amazing!!! I can't wait to get on all of this!!! I haven't had a paying job in 17 years (showing my age)--my ex and I owned our own company, and he took a salary, I didn't--yet another way he screwed me--so disability would be minimal because I had to have worked ten years to get it based on my income, even though I earned more than many here would have earned in ten years, working in Manhattan, and the types of jobs I had, so disability really isn't something that would help me much. Plus, honestly, if I find something I can do, I'd rather.
  13. I can't say I'm shocked because this is exactly what happened to me, word for word. May 27, 1990 was the worst day of my life. I was 22 weeks, 5 days pregnant, and I started having contractions. I'd been to the hospital the day before, because I thought I'd had contractions, which had stopped, and they told me it was my imagination. I called the hosp, they told me I was over worried. I called them again, they told me it was gas. I called again, they told me not to call back. Then my water broke. When I got there, a nurse saw me, told me there was no hope, the baby would not survive,
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